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Program ideas Serbia

Program ideas Serbia

Discover the city from its rivers

Discover the city from its rivers, the Sava and the Danube.
We paddle quietly in a canoe or kayak, and we offer a unique perspective on the Serbian capital, Belgrade Fortress and its banks.

Discover the pleasures and techniques of navigation and learn about Belgrade's history and it's architectural heritage.

Learn basics of kayak skills explore Capital from different and active perspective and enjoy in pleasure and leisure time on river.

Program ideas Serbia

The Rakija Experience

If you want to find out more about culinary history and habits of Belgradeians, you have to taste authentic food and national drinks, in this case rakija.

Moreover, by participating in an interesting tour that includes visit to Rakia Bar and tasting several different rakijas, you will experience special charm and bohemian spirit of the city.

While having your first rakija together with finger food ( protection against drunkenness), you will find out more about this "enchanting" drink - its history, how to taste it properly, how to recognize its quality and many more.